OnCircle, Inc. is a Silicon Valley software company founded in 2012 by Dirk Lueth, Michael Janssen and Stefan Roever, three serial entrepreneurs with expertise in building software companies in the payments, enterprise IT, and digital content spaces.


Our Story

We started developing Gbox out of our experience and frustrations with current content distribution and monetization schemes. Historically, content distribution and monetization have been diametrically opposed. Monetization has usually meant hyper-controlled and centralized content; and sharing has usually meant free at best and piracy at worst. We thought there must be a better way, a valuable solution in the middle.

We quickly arrived at a mission:  We believe rich content can and should be monetized—so people will be incentivized to produce more of that rich content—and we also believe people should be able to share content freely so the world can see it. So we set out on a mission to enable just that.

When the Social Web arose, we saw a magical opportunity. As people increasingly shared content in social channels, we wondered: What if social sharing could become a legitimate distribution channel for rich content?

So we assembled an amazing team, and we applied our successful experience in payments and content distribution…and lots of work and 5 patents later, Gbox was born.


Get in touch

If you are interested in joining and getting early access to the Gbox program, please contact us here.